The Mushrooms of Borgotaro IGP

Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi (Borgo TV)


The “Mushrooms of Borgotaro IGP” are produced in the woods of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The type of management of the woods greatly influences the fungal production as these conditions, in turn, the microclimate of the undergrowth.

The influence that the care of the forest has on the agriculture of mushrooms is the demonstration of how this is a “spontaneous product helped by man”. With SINCERE, the Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi is trying to improve the big commercialisation of recreational permits for wild mushrooms collection in forest through online platform. This improvement of the commercialization will be possible only through the participation of the whole economic player involved on the value chain.

It is expected that this innovation case has many different impacts. One of the main goals is to have a better re-distribution of the pickers in the forest, avoiding their concentration in specific areas

Innovation Case Leader: Antonio Mortali