The Mushrooms of Borgotaro IGP

Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi (CCP)


The “Mushrooms of Borgotaro IGP” are produced in the woods of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The way the woods are managed has a great influence on the microclimate of the undergrowth and consequently on fungal production.

The Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi intends to improve the commercialisation of recreational permits for wild mushrooms collection in forest through an online platform. One of the main goals of this innovation case is to have a better distribution of mushroom pickers in the forest, avoiding their concentration in specific areas.


Antonio Mortali

Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi (CCP)

Enrico Vidale
Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi (CCP)

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