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Scanning the solutions for the sustainable supply of forest ecosystem services in Europe

Open access link: Scanning the solutions for the sustainable supply of forest ecosystem services in Europe Forests are key components of European multifunctional landscapes and supply numerous forest ecosystem services (FES) fundamental to human well-being. The sustainable provision of FES has the potential to provide responses to major societal challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, or rural development. To identify suitable strategies for the future sustenance of FES, we performed a solution scanning exercise with a group of transdisciplinary forest and FES experts from different European regions. We identified and prioritized fifteen major challenges hindering the balanced provision of multiple [...]

Swiss stakeholders discuss spiritual ecosystem services at second meeting

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Andreas Bernasconi reports on the second stakeholder meeting for the Swiss case study which is working to strengthen the connection between people and the forest [...]

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Funeral Forests: Bridges between two worlds

Bernasconi, A. 2019. Book of Abstracts of the 21th conference of EFUF, p.54 Spiritual forest spaces have a rising importance in society. One example of this trend is the funeral forest. In Switzerland only 10% of the deceased are still buried in a coffin, it is common to spread or bury the departed’s ashes (Donner 2018). Between 2009 and 2013 in Germany the number of tree burials doubled up to 45’000 per year (Bauer und Schraml 2018). Funeral forests are sacred places, grounded on two Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) of outstanding importance: (a) spiritual and religious meaning and (b) a space of long duration, linking ancestors with [...]