New SINCERE paper analyses the context for adopting payments for watershed services in various Southern countries

Payments for watershed services (PWS) are an increasingly popular tool for watershed management, also in the Southern Hemisphere. However, the degree of PWS adoption varies across these countries: while frequently represented in Latin America, water-related payment schemes do not exist in large parts of Africa and Asia. The causes for these adoption differences have so far been little discussed. Here we address this knowledge gap with a quantitative cross-national assessment of factors influencing the decision to adopt PWS schemes across tropical countries. Based on hypotheses from the literature, we construct a logistic regression model, testing the explanatory power of [...]

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European experts come together to focus on innovations to improve forest benefits

Involving the right people at the right time is key to the success of any new venture. SINCERE has turned its focus to a broad range of European-level experts and invited their insight and experience on the development of the project’s eleven Case Studies. SINCERE’s diverse collection of innovative actions seek ways in which the forest can benefit people in local communities, while providing forest owners or managers with an incentive to manage their forests to provide these benefits, such as improving water quality, spiritual services, biodiversity protection and increasing recreational value. Finding new ways to [...]

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Mobilising local society to discuss innovative solutions for regional challenges

Making sure that local voices are listened to when it comes to developing innovative solutions for ecosystem services is one of the major components of the SINCERE project. Each of the project’s Innovation Action case studies has identified key local and regional stakeholders with whom to consult on the various innovative mechanisms, which could potentially be implemented in the project’s eleven case studies. These stakeholders, who include forest or land owners and managers, forest users, local authorities, entrepreneurs and forest-owner associations have been invited to form local Multi-Actor Groups (MAG) which will meet four times over the course of [...]

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New website shines the spotlight on forest ecosystem services

A new website focussing on the rich variety of services provided to people by our forests has been launched as part of a project funded by European Union. Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem sERvices in Europe (SINCERE) responds to society’s demands for services from forests, such as recreation, biodiversity protection and carbon storage. The project looks at innovative ways to value and implement such forest ecosystem services through the development of novel policies and new business models, connecting knowledge and expertise from practice, science and policy, across Europe and beyond. The SINCERE website steps outside the usual parameters of a [...]

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New European project places value on forest ecosystem services

Research and innovations for the services that forests provide to society are the focus of a new European project funded under Horizon 2020. Responding to society’s demands for services such as recreation, biodiversity provision and carbon storage, the project will look at innovative ways to value and implement such “forest ecosystem services” in Europe and beyond. Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem SERvices in Europe (SINCERE) is a four-year project funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. SINCERE will develop novel policies and new business models by connecting knowledge and expertise from practice, science and policy, across Europe and beyond. [...]

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SINCERE project kicks off in Bonn

43 partners from 22 organisations and 11 countries met in Bonn, Germany, for the Kick-Off meeting of the Spurring INnovations for forest eCosystem SERvices in Europe (SINCERE) project. The event, held on 25-26 January 2018 took place in the historic “Seminarraum”, where meetings of the German Parliament’s Council of the Elders once took place, and where the EFI Bonn Office and  Resilience Programme has recently established its offices. Presentations from work package leaders gave an overview on the objectives of the project and tasks ahead. Subsequently, the eleven innovation cases were introduced, spanning topics such as biodiversity, carbon storage, [...]

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