Spiritual forests and forest kindergartens

Pan Bern AG

This innovation case on spiritual forests and forest kindergartens has many inter-related objectives. The first objective is to explore specific cultural ecosystem services, primarily spiritual forests and kindergartens, and their related goods, benefits and uses. The second objective is to describe the adapted management needs and measures for these ecosystem services. Lastly, it is important to develop an overall business and management model. 

The core impact of this innovation case is to raise awareness of the importance of cultural ecosystem services and to motivate forest actors to manage forests appropriately. The case will also provide a business model for forest enterprises.

SINCERE will help to promote forest ecosystems services and their management within the forest sector and to the public. It will be an important means of communicating between forests and society as well as between forests and politics. In the opinion of Pan Bern, the best result from SINCERE will be if society understands and loves forests, new markets for nature-based forest solutions are developed and politics supports long-term sustainable management of forests. The spiritual forests and forest kindergartens case will help to understand how the system works and how sustainability can be achieved.

The observed cultural ecosystem services affect a broad variety of stakeholders, including forest owners, municipalities, different public services, economic institutions, NGOs, neighbours and interested single actors (public, clients).

Andreas Bernasconi