Reverse auction pilots for forest ecosystem services in rural and peri-urban areas

Natuurinvest (OC-ANB)


This Innovation Action will test an alternative way to stimulate the generation of much needed forest ecosystem services in a densely populated region, Flanders. This alternative approach should lead to a more efficient use of the limited financial resources and support initiatives that are considered important to the relevant stakeholders and society as a whole.

Two pilots projects have been identified for the reverse auction process: restoration of habitats in hunting areas and the creation of shooting strips at forest borders in rural areas. If the results of the pilot projects are positive, evidence will be gathered to demonstrate this.

SINCERE provides the means and scientific support to test a promising alternative system of supporting the provision of forest ecosystem services.


Alexander Thery
Natuurinvest (OC-ANB)

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Case study findings – habitat restoration
Case study findings – wildlife control

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