Reverse auctions pilot for biodiversity protection

Danish Forest Association in collaboration with University of Copenhagen


In Denmark, adequate efforts for biodiversity protection needs to bring both public and privately owned areas into play, due to the ownership structure of the land. Research shows that private forest owners are ready to participate and safeguard biodiversity and key habitats if given the appropriate incentives. There is a clear scope for redesigning grant schemes to make them both more attractive and more cost efficient from a socioeconomic point of view.

This case study addresses this issue and contributes to a long-term ambition of changing the way public grant schemes for biodiversity conservation are designed in Denmark. It seeks to do so in a way that can have a wider European impact by displaying strong, effective and scalable results.


Tanja Blindbæk Olsen

Danish Forest Association/ Dansk Skovforening (DFA)

Christian Jürgensen
Danish Forest Association/ Dansk Skovforening (DFA)

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