Engaging stakeholders and communities

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Biodiversa Stakeholder Engagement Handbook

This handbook outlines why it is beneficial to engage stakeholders. It provides guidance on identifying and analysing stakeholders, when and how to engage them, managing conflict, and monitoring and evaluating the engagement.
Organisation: Biodiversa

Guide to participatory tools for forest communities

Guidance and examples on enabling local communities in and around forests to participate in sustainable forest management. In particular, it reviews participatory tools, gives advice on how to select them and outlines their potential drawbacks.
Organisation: CIFOR

Discover the Forest

This website is an example of a campaign to encourage the public to visit forests. It includes a stream of photos of the forest from visitors’ social media, a challenge for families to reconnect with nature, and engagement activities for children.
Organisation: USDA Forest Service

Teachers’ guide to discovering the forest

An example of a guide for teachers taking school children to explore forests. It accompanies the Discover the Forest campaign.
Organisation: USDA Forest Service

The #NatureForAll Playbook

This publication includes methods and means that can be used for inspiring a love of nature, including amongst children. (Also available in Spanish, French and Chinese.)
Organisation: Nature For All

Urban Forestry Toolkit

This toolkit provides a process for understanding and expanding urban forests. It includes guidance for creating an inventory, analysing spatial locations for forest expansion, making decisions and engaging stakeholders and communities.
Organisation: Vibrant Cities Lab

Public engagement in forestry toolbox

A toolbox offering guidance on establishing a process of public engagement and ‘tool sheets’ outlining different engagement methods.
Organisation: Forest Research