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Business models for forest ecosystem services – watch this short video

The final SINCERE video highlights four different Innovative Action for forest ecosystem services, as explored by SINCERE case studies. Includes interviews with the Danish Forest Association, Consorzio Comunalie Parmensi, Italy, Natural Resources Institute of Finland, and Centre Proprietat Forestal of Catalonia, Spain.

Innovative mechanisms in Payments for Ecosystem Services – read the publication

Access the publication “Innovative mechanisms in Payments for Ecosystem Services: Scalability and Lessons Learned” to know more about ecosystem services, income streams, featuring examples of the Innovative Action case studies for forest ecosystem services as explored by SINCERE  partners.

Forest Products Sector Guide

This guide assists businesses in the forest products sector to assess how they depend on, and impact, ecosystem services and natural capital so that they can identify business benefits and risks.
Organisation: Natural Capital Coalition

The business case for natural infrastructure

This report describes the business case for companies to invest in natural infrastructure, including forest management and restoration. It outlines drivers for businesses to invest in natural infrastructure, as well as its potential applications for business.
Organisation: WBCSD

Development of the business model of the organisation of complex harvesting of wild-harvested non-timber forest products for use by business entities (in Russian)

This report aims to support entrepreneurs interested in setting up a business for non-timber forest products. It provides recommendations on the development of business plans depending on the different business conditions across the region.
Organisation: FLEG II

Integrating business skills into ecotourism operations

This report provides guidance and recommendations for running successful ecotourism businesses. It addresses topics such as understanding the market, developing a sustainable business plan, running sustainable operations, and carrying out successful marketing.
Organisation: IUCN and Kuoni

Sustainable tourism and natural World Heritage: priorities for action

Recommendations on effective tourism planning around protected areas, governance of tourism, participation and collaboration, and communication.
Organisation: IUCN

Wood-based entrepreneurs’ toolkit: Communicating effectively with your customers

A toolkit with guidance on communications and marketing for wood-based small companies. It includes advice on messaging, communication channels and communication planning.
Organisation: Oregon State University

Measured development: Options to distinguish and measure the impacts of business models of forest and farm producers

A framework to assess the contribution of different business models in forestry to sustainable development. It proposes metrics for businesses to manage performance and define their impacts for communication to consumers, creditors and state authorities.
Organisation: FAO

Forest Logbook

This website provides an overview of legal information for the forestry sector, including links to legislation, contact details for government authorities and legal briefings. It provides information on issues related to forest governance and trade issues.
Organisation: Client Earth