Assessing the social and economic context

Assessing the social and economic context 2019-07-05T15:33:57+01:00

Values, beliefs and attitudes: Technical guide for forest service land and resource management, planning and decision making.

This report provides guidance on measuring and analysing the public’s values, beliefs and attitudes, and on applying this information in project and planning decisions. It includes guidance on using information already published and on conducting different types of surveys.|
Organisation: USDA Forest Service

Practitioner’s guide to perception surveys

This report provides guidance and checklists on how to produce and run a survey of perceptions, including good practices and potential pitfalls. It also discusses how to make use of results in policy. It is designed for the regulatory field but is also useful in other contexts.
Organisation: OECD

National socioeconomic surveys in forestry

This report provides guidance and survey modules to assess the role of forests in local welfare and livelihoods. It offers possible questions linking forests to welfare that can be included household surveys and surveys to measure living standards and welfare.
Organisation: FAO

ToSIA – tool for sustainability impact assessment

ToSIA analyses environmental, economic and social impacts of changes in forestry-wood production chains. It includes indicators and a step-by-step process to assess and analyse them.
Organisation: EFORWOOD FP6 project