Assessing and valuing ecosystem services

Assessing and valuing ecosystem services 2019-07-01T17:26:11+01:00

ARIES – mapping natural capital and ecosystem services

This ecosystem service modelling approach can be used to quantify and map ecosystem service benefits, account for their dynamics and optimise payment for ecosystem services and other management schemes.
Organisation: ARIES

Valuing the Benefits, Costs and Impacts  of Ecosystem-based Adaptation Measures

This report offers guidance on valuing the benefits of ecosystem (including forest) management and restoration for climate change adaptation. It includes valuation methods and practical examples, as well as consideration of how to leverage the valuations for strategic impact.
Organisation: GIZ

Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

A collection of tools that allows users to find appropriate tools for measuring and valuing natural capital. It is specifically intended for businesses that wish to understand their dependencies and impacts on natural capital.
Organisation: Natural Capital Protocol


InVEST is a set of software models to map and value ecosystem services. It can be used to assess trade-offs of management decisions and identify spatial locations for management or restoration interventions.
Organisation: Natural Capital Project

Ecosystem Services Assessment Support Tool

This support tool offers a step-by-step approach to conducting and using ecosystem services assessments.
Organisation: Wageningen and SYKE

Ecosystem Services Identification and Inventory Tool

An iPad app and web interface that helps businesses to collect ecological data and data on local ecosystem services, for use in reducing business impacts, exploring scenarios and several other purposes.
Organisation: TNC, Dow, EcoMetrix Solutions Group


i-Tree enables analysis of benefits provided by forests, threats to forests, and forest structure, to inform forest management decision making.
Organisation: USDA Forest Service

ORVal (Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool)

ORVal estimates the monetary value of outdoor recreation in green spaces (including forest) in England.
Organisation: University of Exeter

Approaches and tools for assessing mountain forest ecosystem services

Guidance on identifying and reviewing tools for assessing socio-cultural, economic and ecological values of ecosystem services and the particular challenges of mountain forests.
Organisation: CIFOR

Mapping Ecosystem Services to Human wellbeing (MESH)

MESH allows users to map ecosystem service supply under different landscape management scenarios to assess trade-offs in decision making.
Organisation: Natural Capital Project

Scenario Hub

The hub provides guidelines, tools and advice on developing and using scenarios to assess changes in ecosystem services under different management decisions.
Organisation: Natural Capital Project and WWF

HABEas Project

This website provides free data on biodiversity and ecosystem services in some Mediterranean countries displayed in a web GIS format.
Organisation: WWF, Associação Natureza Portugal, Centre of Applied Ecology at University of Lisbon