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Presentations by members of the SINCERE consortium for viewing online or download (PDF).

An introduction to the SINCERE project, Spurring innovations for forest ecosystem services in Europe.

A joint online session on key policy questions with H2020 sister project InnoForESt.

Policy paper introducing four policy pathways to govern Europe’s forests for multiple ecosystem services. The data demonstrate that there is a substantial gap between forest ecosystem services supply and demand in Europe, and that European policies under the Green Deal need to effectively address this gap

The upscaling potential of innovative cases developed in the SINCERE project and innovative business models for forest ecosystem services.

Results of a survey of forest owners and managers across Europe to estimate supply, demand, income levels and profitability of forest ecosystem services (FES).

Policy pathway relating to payments for environmental services (PES), including the arguments for and against an EU-wide PES scheme and the principles that need to be taken into consideration for such a scheme.

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