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Four pathways to govern Europe¡s multiple forest ecosystem services

Policy brief outlining four pathways to secure better alignment between landowner incentives, stakeholder interests, and societal objectives towards Forest Ecosystem Services (FES) in Europe. These pathways are primarily based on findings from the H2020 project SINCERE and ERA-NET project NOBEL.

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Presentation on the policy paper introducing four policy pathways to govern Europe’s forests for multiple ecosystem services. The data demonstrate that there is a substantial gap between forest ecosystem services supply and demand in Europe, and that European policies under the Green Deal need to effectively address this gap.

More on policy via the SINCERE webinars!

Policy briefing draws on global PES experiences to provide insights for policymakers on the best practices and pre-conditions for successful PES implementation in Europe.

Presentation on policy pathway relating to payments for environmental services (PES), including the arguments for and against an EU-wide PES scheme and the principles that need to be taken into consideration for such a scheme.