Medvednica Nature Park team repeats outdoor event success!


Text by Martina Jurjević Varga, Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution

Similar to last year but still respecting measures due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, an outdoor event was held on the central meadow of the Medvednica Nature Park on 4 July with the aim of raising awareness about forest ecosystem services.

Simultaneously, the team took advantage of the moment to hold an outdoor Multi-Actor Group (MAG) meeting with some  of the stakeholders who have not been able to attend previous meetings.

In cooperation with hunters, a representative of sports clubs and the Croatian Forests Company, Medvednica Nature Park IA case study coordinators presented the SINCERE project and its activities.

A training ground with games and education was prepared for the youngest ones and adults could ask questions and get information about forest ecosystem services, sports, recreation and health, forestry, and climate change.

Great fun was had by all, from the youngest to the oldest participants!

Photos: Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution

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