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Innovation Mechanisms 2019-07-16T16:01:16+01:00

Innovation mechanisms

It is vital to find new ways to manage, regulate and value Forest Ecosystem Services to ensure forests remain beautiful and beneficial for all parts of society.

SINCERE is creating an inventory of Innovative Mechanisms (IM): existing policies, regulations and business models which support the provision of forest ecosystem services. This inventory will focus particularly on economic mechanisms as incentives to provide forest ecosystem services in Europe.

Detailed assessment on these mechanisms leads to the development of the first comprehensive European Database for Innovation Mechanisms, launched in Spring 2019, which integrates scientific and practical knowledge and considers both supply and demand sides.

Simultaneously, novel policies, business models and other mechanisms, including Payments for Environmental Services (PES), are put into practice through the SINCERE Case Studies, which are thoroughly assessed for economic, social and environmental sustainability. The resulting Innovation Mechanisms, suitable for adaptation and replication, are shared widely at local, national and international scales.

A state-of-the-art synthesis report on good practice design and implementation of PES and other IM in the European context is due for publication in early 2020.

Results are shared as soon as they are available.
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