Incentives for providing forest ecosystem services in Europe – focus on Catalonia

A new article on incentives for the provision of forest ecosystem services in Europe draws on the Catalan Innovation Action Case Study to consider the current situation and prospects for the future.

The article gives an overview of the SINCERE project and describes the current situation for Payements for Environmental Services (PES) in Europe. It discusses how to stimulate forest ecosystem service provision and looks to the future and how ecosystem services might play a more important role for the economy and societal well being.

The article explores the Catalan Case Study, based in the the Segre-Rialb water basin, in more depth, looking at the stakeholder engagement process, exploring the results so far and indicating future plans. The Catalan Innovation Action worked to strengthen the link between forests and water, with the overall aim of diversifying financing sources for forest management.

Baiges, T. and Wunder, S. 2022. Present i futur dels incentius per a la provisió de Serveis Ecosistèmics Forestals a Europa. Conclusions del projecte SINCERE – Cas d’estudi a Catalunya in Silvicultura – Revista tècnica del Centre de la Propietat Forestal, No. 85.

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