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Local actors in each of the case study regions play
a fundamental role in how their Innovation Action is developed.

Key local stakeholders include forest / land owners and managers, forest users, local authorities, entrepreneurs and forest-owner associations. They are people with a firm interest in the Innovation Action case local to them, who are invited to join the Multi-Actor Group for their region.

The Multi-Actor Group (MAG) is involved in the design, implemention and evaluation of their Innovation Action, as well as learning from it, through facilitated meetings at key stages of the case study. MAG Representatives are invited to a project-wide Co-Design Event which hosts exchange and learning between the 11 Innovation Action Cases and project partners.

Stakeholders are identified through a detailed stakeholder mapping exercise which takes place in the first months of the project. The exercise identifies individuals and organisations that are either directly involved in the Innovation Action at the local level or are interested in replicating or upscaling the Innovation Action in neighbouring regions or at a larger scale.

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