Forests for water in Catalonia

Centre de Proprietat Forestal (CPF) supported by Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)


This innovation case will strengthen the link between forests and water with the overall aim of diversifying financing sources for forest management by integrating ecosystem service provision into the economic balance sheet.

Work includes integration in the Masterplan for the Rialb Reservoir where different local stakeholders (economic, tourism, water and others) are already working together. The aim is for written recognition in a legal document of the role of forestry in water and landscape conservation, and the recognition of forestry as a potentially relevant economic activity in the area that can be promoted along with tourism. The IA also works with the public Segre-Rialb Consortium to assess the suitability of a payment for ecosystem services scheme in relation to water in the area.

The implementation of the Forest Ecosystem Services Scheme in Catalonia has been present in the political agenda for a long time. However, it still exists only in theory rather than in practice. SINCERE will contribute to its implementation through the process of learning from other experiences abroad and through the support of the project roadmap guiding the process.


Teresa Baiges Zapater
Centre de Propietat Forestal (CPF)

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