Forest fun and games at Medvednica Nature Park


Text by Martina Jurjević Varga, Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution

The SINCERE project and our Case Study were presented to visitors on  Sunday, June 28, 2020, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the peak zone of the Medvednica Nature Park. We showed what we have done so far, presented the activities, the  pilot research of energy capacity for the two most visited hiking trails in the park, informed visitors about the natural dangers and threatsthat threaten (ticks, mouse fever, ragweed, invasive species), talked about the forest ecosystem services  – what are they and why forests are important.

Stakeholders had the opportunity to present their work and explain their role in the Medvednica Nature Park. Among stakeholders were: hunters, the Hunting Association of the City of Zagreb, Hrvatske šume d.o.o. (Croatian Forests Company), sports clubs (Triathlon Club Maksimir, Ski Club Sljeme Zagreb) and the DŠR Aktivan život (Association Active Life), which organized a walk for citizens from the foothills to the top, the place of our  event.

Visitors were able to try out the cycling polygon, ride ski rollers and the youngest ones to participate in our educational game Forest Adventure.

We also used the event to survey visitors in order to research the knowledge of facts about FES.

The whole event was covered in the national news , HRT 1 and HRT 4  television programs and on the local radio station Sljeme, which had a live broadcast and a interview with us and the stakeholders. An article about the entire event will also be published in the monthly magazine Hrvatske šume (Croatian Forests).

Photos: Medvednica Nature Park Public Institution

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