Exploring the importance of cultural forest ecosystem services: towards new business opportunities?

European‒Japanese Sophia Symposium
15 November 2021, online: 7:45 – 13:35 UTC | Registrations

Demand is increasing for diverse multiple cultural forest ecosystem services such as health, recovery, tourism and leisure activities, among others. In particular, the global pandemic has shown that peri-urban forests provide a vital function in supporting human health.

In an international symposium, 16 scientists and practitioners from Europe and Japan will provide insights and exchange views on diverse cultural Forest Ecosystem Services (FES), considering cultural FES as a possibility for business innovations. Additionally, discussion will focus on the potential contribution of these innovations to sustainability policies for forests under the frame of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The European ‒ Japanese Sophia Symposium, organised by the INNOFES project (Sophia University) and SINCERE, will be divided in two sessions and take place via Zoom online platform.

In the first session, Supply, demand and politics of cultural FES, Professor Tobias Plieninger from the University of Kassel & University Göttingen will talk about the importance and occurrence of cultural ecosystem services in Europe. Further presentations include forest ecosystem services in Europe, spiritual values of forests, and cultural FES in Japan.

In the second session on New business opportunities and case studies, Professor Davide Pettenella of the University of Padua will present challenges for marketing and payment of cultural FES in Europe. Presentations will follow from various projects dealing with cultural FES.

The symposium will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Japanese.

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