Climate change mitigation meets biodiversity conservation in Europe – two sides of the same coin?

The fourth webinar in the SINCERE Talks series focuses on trade offs and synergies between climate change adaptation & mitigation and forest biodiversity conservation in the EU’s forests.

2 March 2022, 10:30 – 12:30 |  Registrations

  • How are climate change adaptation and mitigation linked to forest biodiversity conservation in the EU’s forests, and what are the major trade offs and synergies?
  • What are the best management and conservation approaches to optimise synergies?
  • How can the EU policy implementation and financing instruments contribute to balancing the trade-offs in the provision of different regulating forest ecosystem services?

These questions will be tackled in our upcoming webinar on “Climate change adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity conservation in European forests – two sides of the same coin?“ on March 2nd 10:30 am (CET).

This virtual event, the fourth and final of the SINCERE Talks series, follows up on September’s EU Forest Strategy webinar, where we discussed the pathways for action for strengthening the important role of forests in achieving Europe’s biodiversity, ecosystem services, and climate change targets.

Moderated by NZZ climate reporter Kalina Oroschakoff (former climate correspondent for POLITICO Europe) the webinar will start with scientific inputs by Jürgen Bauhus (Chair of Silviculture, Freiburg University).

A panel discussion invites stakeholders from research, policy, forest owners, and international organizations to discuss synergies, potential trade-offs and political incentives, with time to address questions from the audience.

SINCERE Talks webinars are a collaboration between SINCERE project partners IUCN and EFI, who have joined forces to produce a series of webinars for stakeholders from the SINCERE project and INTEGRATE Network, to debate key issues related to forests and their biodiversity and ecosystem services, such as climate change resilience, circular economy, health and wellbeing and green jobs.

Registrations are now open!

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