Club GREY HORSE – Providing multiple ecosystems services by forest renters

Centre for Forest Ecology and Productivity of the Russian Academy of Science (CEPF RAS)

The main aim of Russian innovation action in SINCERE is to develop mechanisms of multi-purpose forest management. This includes multi-purpose lease by one lessee on a rented forest plot, for increasing the economic efficiency of forestry while maintaining a balance between all ecosystem services.

There are three levels of stakeholders involved: renters, regional and federal powers and local government. Renters will provide the necessary detailed information for assessing of forest services that are already in use and services that have not yet been implemented. Regional and federal powers intend to support the proposals aimed at the inclusion in the Forest Code of several regulating and supporting ecosystem services. Local government bodies and municipalities are involved in the innovation action for implementation of these proposals.

With all these stakeholders involved and the team in Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CEPF RAS), at the end of the SINCERE project, the objective is to include in the Forest Code several regulating and supporting ecosystem services and to eliminate the existing restrictions to lease forest land for multi-purpose forest use.  This way, CEPF RAS will contribute to the main objectives of SINCERE: will help to achieve a balance between forest ecosystem services and the increase in forest income through multi-purpose forest use.

Daria Tebenkova