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Action – Policy – Knowledge

11 Case Studies in 9 different countries bring together practical forest & business management,
policy making and science to innovate for forest ecosystem services.

The SINCERE Case Studies are widely varied but with a common theme: exploring new means to enhance forest ecosystem services in ways that benefit forest owners and managers as well as serving broad societal needs.

The Case Studies, also known as Innovation Actions, are trialling different Innovation Mechanisms that offer incentives to provide relevant forest ecosystem services. The cases were selected to represent different types of forest ecosystem services, ecological characteristics and forest management practices, as well as different socioeconomic and policy contexts. They include:

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Cultural services
Erosion control
Water-cycle control
Wood and non-wood
forest products

Key local stakeholders with a firm interest in the specific Innovation Action cases take part in designing, implementing, evaluating and learning from their case study.

Each Innovation Action has a Multi-Actor Group (MAG) of its key stakeholders, who play an active role in determining the development of the Action local to them, as well as connecting with the other Innovation Action cases via the SINCERE Learning Architecture.

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