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ECOPAY Connect – Forest-habitat biodiversity payment scheme


The general objective of this SINCERE innovation case is to increase the sustainability of poplar plantations in an area under intensive use, by linking social and ecological benefits with economic aspects through the spread of FSC® certification in local farms and by transforming a compliance requirement into an opportunity to protect nature.

This action will also allow many natural areas of the Regional Park Oglio Sud to be maintained and managed in order to ensure the provision of many […]

Landscape and Recreation Value Trade

Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)

A payment for ecosystem services system, the Landscape and Recreation Value Trade, is proposed, in which forest owners would be compensated for voluntarily enhancing the provision of landscape and recreational values in their own forests. The funds for the mechanism may be collected from visitors and/or tourism entrepreneurs using the area. The funding may also be gathered from a group of actors from both the public and the private sector in a way that […]

Spiritual forests and forest kindergartens

Pan Bern AG

This innovation case on spiritual forests and forest kindergartens has many inter-related objectives. The first objective is to explore specific cultural ecosystem services, primarily spiritual forests and kindergartens, and their related goods, benefits and uses. The second objective is to describe the adapted management needs and measures for these ecosystem services. Lastly, it is important to develop an overall business and management model. 

The core impact of this innovation case is to raise awareness of the importance […]

Reverse auction pilots for forest ecosystem services in rural and peri-urban areas

Natuurinvest (OC-ANB)


This Innovation Action will test an alternative way to stimulate the generation of much needed forest ecosystem services in a densely populated region, Flanders. This alternative approach should lead to a more efficient use of the limited financial resources and support initiatives that are considered important to the relevant stakeholders and society as a whole.

The ecosystem services were selected based on a set of criteria, amongst which the absence of an existing subsidy system was an important […]

Understanding the health functions of peri-urban forests in protected areas and Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)

Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica (PINPM)

More than a million inhabitants visit Nature Park Medvednica. The main goal of this case is to ensure that all stakeholders and park visitors recognise the benefits of forests for their health.

The Public Institution for the Nature Park Medvednica will evaluate health as a component of forest ecosystem services and will develop several scenarios for payments for ecosystem services, which will be mechanisms to pay for health as a benefit of forest ecosystem […]