Aligning multiple demands: Policy approaches for forest ecosystem services in Europe

SINCERE and NOBEL projects boiled down the complex issue of support for the provisioning of multiple forest ecosystem services in Europe into three opportunities, six challenges and four policy pathways! This was the starting point for debate and discussion with experts and policy makers in the SINCERE-NOBEL Science-Policy Forum, held on 10 December 2021.

This event offered a unique opportunity for a working meeting to reflect on the challenges and opportunities of providing forest ecosystem services and to consider policy recommendations that might support their supply. Invited guests included forest owner associations, international organisations, NGOs, EU member state representatives and EU policy makers, who were invited to critically discuss the four policy pathways presented by SINCERE and Nobel scientists and consider important messages for policy makers.

The four policy pathways:

  1. Better information: Assess and monitor supply and demand of the full spectrum of forest ecosystem services in Europe
  2. Policy Integration
  3. European Payment for Forest Environmental Services System
  4. Bottom-up participation: create participatory processes, encourage networking  and learning amongst FES innovators.

The Forum was the culmination of research, practice and policy activities carried out in EC- and national funded projects focusing on forest ecosystem services. It is also the starting point for the development of a policy brief for the provision of multiple forest ecosystem services in Europe, which is due for publication by the end of the winter and will be launched as one of the final deliverables of the SINCERE project.

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